Monday, January 25, 2010

Friendly Reminder

After nearly a year of working as the Volunteer Coordinator for TEDRD, my perspective on life has changed in many ways. But today I was reminded of the reality of the work we are doing.

Sometimes I think we get caught up in the routines of work. After all, this is our job. We are
always trying to do better, help more people, prepare the surrounding community for disasters.

We are constantly working our little behinds off trying to do better. But sometimes I think we forget why. Its not to just be better or streamline our processes. Its to help those who are less fortunate.

We hear new stories of terrible situations every day, and those stories have become an odd sort of normalcy for Galveston. Nothing really shocks us anymore.

Today, I was reminded of how abnormal most of this is, and how most people can so easily ignore the tragedy that exists all around us. And I was reminded how happy it makes me to be doing this job and how proud I am of our organization.

With the help of our incredible volunteers and donors, we have created a superb rebuild organization in addition to helping establish a national emergency response focus and preparedness strategies. Hundreds of people have been helped by our work, and thousands of others have been able to experience the joy of helping others.

Every once in while we get reminded of our impact like I did today, and I think thats what keeps us going.

-Luke Blount


  1. This is indeed a well run operation. I have been involved in d/r work for a while and I am very impressed with TEDR at WTEC. A few of us Methodists from Huntsville have been blessed with the pleasure of working for Christ through Luke, Maggie, and the construction supervisors at WTEC on several occasions. We plan to be back!
    - Rick Carpenter

  2. Thanks Rick! We can't do it without our magnificent volunteers like you!


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