Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Emergency Preparedness Month is Coming!

Get ready! Here at Texas Episcopal Disaster Relief and Development, we have declared May 2010 Diocesan Emergency Preparedness Month!

As the Preparedness & Planning Coordinator, I (Carolyn) will be updating the blog and twitter with preparedness information for churches and families throughout the month.

We're also holding Parish Preparedness Workshops in three areas around the diocese. For locations and more information, visit And if you want more one-on-one help to prepare your church, I'll be available for that as well.

To schedule an appointment for your parish, suggest a preparedness topic, or even ask a question, email me at Let's get prepared together!

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  1. Prepared 1. properly equipped; ready: prepared for a disaster.

    When it comes to our property, what do we expect in case of loss (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, etc.)? The disaster itself is news. What happens after the dust settles is the story: the aftermath shock. Here is something the public should know. With a little curiosity, you the insurance policyholder can mitigate that shock.

    You need to be informed of access to your basic rights and vital information--even footing--equality. The internet reaches far more people than anyone would have ever imagined, though difficult to gather those willing to pause, to grasp. And yet, much is available gratis! It just takes looking:


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